The awesome folks at Stuf

Karna Monaghan
After graduating from Western Washington University, Karna has spent the past 28 years with Dania Furniture in many different capacities including sales, buying and most recently merchandising the showrooms for 5 Northwest locations. Her job centered around defining the company's corporate aesthetic, identifying market trends, then implementing to the showroom floors.

Over the past 10 years Karna has also developed a loyal clientele for her home staging business. She sets style, tone and ambiance for real estate professionals that need their properties to appeal to a broad buyer base, as well as set their properties ahead of their competitors.

Karna's earliest memeories are of trapsing through thrift stores, antique markets, flea markets, garage sales. etc; with her mother and grandmother. Her friends regard her as an expert finder-of-all-things-wonderful! So naturally, Stuf happened.

Dwayne Edwards
Dwayne has been building unique and successful businesses in and around Seattle since 1987. He has founded and managed companies in diverse industries like healthcare, technology, special events and production, music & recording, not-for-profits, and in the food and beverage industry. He has a personal philosophy that the only things he'd never buy "previously owned" would be underwear and mattresses.

He, like Karna, believes that re-sale is the ultimate in recycling.

Support Staff
And of course our four-legged (and two-winged) friends: Hazel May, Abby and This & That. This friendly team helps welcome our customers and create a playful atmosphere throughout the day.

Stuf from all over, and for everyone!

Stuf is a locally owned and operated store in Ballard at our NW Market Street location.

When you shop with us you are supporting a local business, a great community and local artisans. Our inventory is always changing, so you are sure to find new inspiration and that perfect piece you have been looking to add to your home.

Our goal is to offer you a charming variety of furniture and home decor with respect to all styles and taste. There will always be something for everyone here.